Pre-Conference Seminar

2020 Leading Edge Pre-Conference Seminar

Hosted by the Networks of Inquiry and Indigenous Education (NOIIE)

Join us for the 2020 Leading Edge Pre-Conference Seminar on Thurs. May 28th at UBC Vancouver Campus, led by Brooke Moore (Delta School District and UBC Adjunct Professor) and Ann McIntyre (Australian Policy Advisor & International Expert on Education). This engaging session will lead participants through The Decision Playbook and Decision Maker Moves, providing an understanding of how making decisions collaboratively can build relationships across staffs and classrooms. System transformation – using The Decision Playbook and The Spiral of Inquiry – will be explored from both local and global contexts. A copy of The Decision Playbook will be provided to all participants.

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Thurs. May 28th, 2020
9:30am – 12:30pm (registration begins at 9:00am)
$150 + gst


UBC Vancouver
Ponderosa Commons Oak House | Ballroom | Map
6445 University Blvd,  Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2
Down the stairs from the main entrance.


Coming from out of town? Please see more information about booking accommodations and getting to UBC Vancouver Campus.


We become who we want to be through our choices. Likewise, our schools and districts become what we want them to be through our collective choices.

In this session, Brooke Moore and her special guest Decision-Scientist Robin Gregory will reveal the science behind the Decision Making Moves and how we can use them in our personal and professional lives to become who and what we want to be. The ability to think critically and creatively when faced with a decision making opportunity – in contrast to simply taking actions based on habit or the views of others – requires an essential set of skills. The good news is that these skills can be taught and learned.

School leaders and classroom teachers will get familiar with a set of moves they can rely on in boardrooms and classrooms. Participants will leave this session with an understanding of how making decisions collaboratively can build relationships across staffs and classrooms . Part of the time will be spent on how to maximize the impact of the Spiral of Inquiry with the Decision Maker Moves, as well as exploring these frameworks from an international perspective led by Ann McIntrye.

We need only look around us to see the results of leaders who make decisions without these strategies: a society dominated by polarized positions, a loss of respect for sound evidence-based reasoning, and a lack of true listening, compassion, dialogue, and understanding. Teaching and using the Decision Maker Moves and the habits of mind that go with them can change how people think and talk to each other, helping frame decisions as opportunities rather than problems and facilitating more respectful, genuinely curious, and productive discussions.


Brooke Moore

Brooke Moore believes that every child can cross the stage with dignity, purpose, curiosity and options. In all of her work across different roles, this belief takes shape as a core professional focus and motivator. After graduating with her Bachelors of Education from UBC, for which she received the UBC Dean of Education Scholarship, Brooke taught English in a West Vancouver high school for just under a decade before moving into the role of Vice Principal at an elementary school. In 2015 Brooke moved to Delta where she is currently enjoying her role as the District Principal of Inquiry and Innovation. Brooke earned her Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Victoria in 2010. She is now an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia in the Transformative Educational Leadership Program. Recently, Brooke co-authored the Decision Making Playbook with decision scientists. Since her first year of teaching, Brooke has been an active member of the Networks of Inquiry and Indigenous Education. She credits the Network for introducing her to a collaborative professional inquiry, a practice she has made a central theory of action in her work.

Ann McIntyre

Ann is the Australian researcher for the International Teacher Policy Study conducted with the University of Stanford. The publications from this study, “Empowered Educators in Australia” and “Empowered Educators around the World”, focus on the interrelationship between policy and practice in examining how high performing educational systems empower teachers and leaders to achieve strong results. Ann is the NSW President of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders, member of the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership Expert Standing Committee, the University of Sydney Teacher Education Advisory Board, and is International Expert in leadership development for the NSW Department of Education. As the Director of Professional Learning and Leadership in NSW Australia, Ann designed system innovations and reforms that significantly enabled teacher and leader quality.  Find Ann’s full bio here.

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